Trip no 5 – Slovakia

Dear Guernsey,

It has been almost 8 months from the start of war. It has been almost 8 months since you showed that the hearts of the people of Guernsey are in sync with Ukraine. You have shown that it doesn’t matter how small the country is, how far the country is from Ukraine – it can see, understand and empathise with the suffering of Ukrainian people back home. Support you have given to Ukraine is tremendous. Support you have given to Ukrainians is incredible. The size of the hearts of Guernsey people is immeasurable. The donations you gave, Ukrainian flags you displayed and attention to the war you shown is always making me emotional and lost for words.

With your generous support 5th delivery of humanitarian aid is now on the way to Slovakia, from where your kind donations will make their way to Center in Uzhhorod which will distribute it to Ukrainians in need. You should know that every single blanket, coat, shoes or other donations will bring some warmth and sunshine of your hearts to Ukrainians and will make it a bit easier to survive the winter and to survive the war.

And I want to say “thank you” to every one of you for thinking about us, for helping us and for showing your trust in Humanitarian

Aid – Guernsey. Together we will change the world and together we will see the sun after the storm.

We have stopped accepting new donations for now, but we haven’t stopped working and providing immediate help where it is needed the most. Please see our website for other ways to help and please stay tuned for new announcements on the upcoming projects and deliveries as there are more to come.

Olga Turkoglu,
Managing Officer of Humanitarian Aid Guernsey