We Stand with Turkey

Update: by August 2023, over £5,000 was raised

❤️🤍 We Stand with Turkey ❤️🤍

An Earthquake in the South and South East of Turkey destroyed buildings, shattered lives and wiped out villages.
It started at 4.17am at night when a majority of the people were asleep in their beds bringing devastation and pain to the people of Turkey affecting at least 13 million people (based on the WHO reports).

“Immediate aid where it is needed the most” is the ethos of Humanitarian Aid Guernsey and at this moment, Turkey really needs our help.

We are launching Turkey appeal to raise funds to be spent on helping the people of Turkey in these horrible times.
We are in touch with charities on the ground to ensure that all money raised through this appeal will go directly to those affected by the earthquake and their immediate needs.

➡️ https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/turkeyquakeappeal
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